The MedView portfolio is a blend of multimedia products designed to craft your business image in a way that promotes maximum understanding with minimum fuss and expense. We spend a lot of time learning the unique aspects of your business, your market, your products, your people, and your goals. Then we create the first in a series of products that will introduce you to your market in a most engaging and effective manner.

The first product is the i~MediaEntry (647kb, pdf). It consists of a CD with interactive graphics, text, PowerPoint presentations, web and email integration, all designed into a package that will keep your prospects attention and get your message out the same way each and every time.

The i~MediaScape (704kb, pdf)includes everything in the Entry product but goes beyond this with a website designed around the themes and visual presentation of the CD.

The i~MediaUltra (636kb, pdf) includes everything above with the addition of a custom scripted business video, location shots, management team statements and most important your client testimonials.

For free-standing and hospital radiology practices, we are creating a series of branded video presentations called RadBytes, designed to be viewed by patients prior to their exam. These simple but well-produced videos can be distributed to your referring doctors, who will gladly distribute them in return to their patients.

To get started on your i~Video, contact us for a no-risk, no-cost consultation!

As the premiere healthcare presentation provider, we are always looking beyond the horizon to see what we can conjure up next to promote your business or your practice. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or problems with the website, please let us know. We want your experience here to be pleasant and informative.

Quick Download :

Right Click on the Link and Select "Save Target As", then chose a directory to save the file.


 i~MediaScap (704kb)

 i~MediaUltra (636kb)