The Benefits and Advantages of Using Video and MultiMedia
on CD in Your Sales and Marketing Toolkit

The Web, with its interactivity, animation, and sound possibilities, is a great tool for getting your message across. A slick, glossy brochure delivered through the mail offers sharp, full-color images and the immediate gratification of thumbing through pages without the frustrations of lengthy download time. But for impact, nothing beats the moving image.

Video on Compact Disc gives you the best of both worlds

You get the interactivity of the web, plus the color and splash of a glossy print piece. Let’s look at the advantages of distributing your marketing message on video, and then at the benefits of distributing this rich content on CD vs. videotape or the internet.


It’s Powerful

Nothing beats video as a sleek and powerful communications tool. But it can also be a terrible distraction if poorly produced.

We help you produce a powerful video, one with style, intelligence and the irresistible charm that comes from having your customers speaking eagerly to anyone who will listen about how much better their lives have been made because of you.

Our knowledge of your market and the way we work with your customers on-camera only multiplies its effectiveness. The i~Video truly delivers on the promise of the power of video. Read on to discover more great ways that video will impact your bottom line sales.

It Offers Great Control

Pre-planning the script, the interactivity, the images and sounds affords you a measure of control that would be impossible in a live setting without the video to complement your face-to-face encounters. This control extends to your prospects. It allows busy professionals to navigate to their areas of highest interest.

And it points up the true purpose of a properly produced video- To provide a smooth transition from the end of the video to the next step in the sales cycle.

It Promotes Understanding

The i~Video imparts instantaneous understanding of your subject. A moving picture can convey a world of meaning in just a few seconds. And the i~Video lets your customer get more involved with the product, increasing your chances of a sale. The interactivity promotes understanding in prospects who need more physical involvement in order to “get” your message.

It Makes the Invisible Visible

You don’t need to weary the imaginations of your prospects. Video has the ability to show hidden or difficult-to-explain processes like X-Ray imaging or other internal machine functions.

It Leverages Your Demonstrations

Gives you the power of a huge machine demonstration in the palm of your hand. You can’t wheel an X-Ray overhead tube & crane into a customer’s office, but you can still show one in action.

It Brings Your Prospect Home

It’s always a good idea to have your customers come to your place of business. It’s been said that this is one of the best ways to give you a good chance at closing a sale. A plant tour viewed from the comfort of their own office can be a welcome and convenient way to accomplish the same goal. Give them a tour of your physical plant, with careful lighting to accentuate its best qualities.

It’s Personal

Your video will allow for a personal message from your busy company president, along with testimonials from your loyal customers. Other than bringing them with you on a sales call, there is no better way to personalize your business.

It’s Consistent

The i~Video is essentially a super salesman who never has to be fed. In fact, in some cases, the i~Video may be your best choice for being there. The video never has a bad day, never forgets, and always asks for the sale.

Your message in its entirety can be given the same way every time, exactly the way you want it.

It’s Efficient

One does the work of many. An i~Video can be used as an effective component of a marketing campaign, targeting your prospects for maximum clout.

It Bestows Prestige

Makes you look and feel more successful and when you feel successful you will more than likely act that way, increasing your chances of winning the sale. Showing the video on a laptop or DVD creates a professional atmosphere wherever you are, one that immediately differentiates you from your competitors.

It Offers Leverage

The interactive CD can extend your reach beyond your locality or region. And it could conceivably make a sale by itself. By connecting to your website, your customers can complete transactions.

It’s Adaptable

You can use it for communication needs other than marketing. The i~Video product works equally well in the informational setting. Sales, product, and human resource training are just a few of the areas where this technology shines.

It Has a Broad Reach

Can help open international markets without you having to learn the language. The video and CD can be translated quickly and inexpensively into many languages, with very little adaptation.

It’s Amazingly Flexible

With our new scaled services, i-MediaEntry, i-MediaScape and i-MediaUltra, each i~Video can be tailored to any prospect, increasing the already considerable power of the presentation.

It Reaches the Heart

The i~Video facilitates decision-making on an emotional level. Even when making business decisions, a story with an effective blend of images and sounds will reach people who respond more to a visual or auditory learning style.

It Complements Existing Marketing

Works with your print materials and website so that each is more effective. Your brochures and flyers can serve mostly as attractive informational products, while the i~Video works as a persuasive powerhouse, pointing customers toward your salespeople.


Let’s look at the some of the advantages of distributing rich
content on Compact Disc vs. the Web, print or videotape.

It Has Tremendous Capacity

Whether your disc contains videos, pictures, or PDF documents, you can pack it all on one disc and access it quickly, anywhere, without a broadband connection. A CD can hold at least 30 minutes of high-quality video, hundreds of PDFs, pictures, PowerPoint presentations, flash graphics, and Word documents, avoiding compatibility and access issues among different internet browsers.

It’s Really Fast

On your disc you can easily open several different files simultaneously, or jump back and forth across several files quickly, satisfying your customer’s demand for immediate and random information access. This can be critical in a sales encounter. And…the last thing you want is to test your client’s patience when your internet connection goes kaflooey.

It’s Performance is Predictable

Whatever information you are presenting to your audience, you want to be sure they can view it exactly as you intend. You want your information to be presented flawlessly.

What happens if your web browser tells you that you don’t have the right plug-in, or if you wasted valuable minutes waiting to download a video that sounded (and looked) like it was shot underwater?

How about the platform? Is your customer using a Mac, PC or Linux?

Have you ever opened a website where half the images were missing, only to be told you need to upgrade this or that to view it?

What if the file you emailed to someone simply won’t open or you simply cannot open your web-based presentation at all?

These are all real-life problems that can be overcome with a properly constructed CD. So simply get your customer’s attention and keep it without distraction from pop-up ads or software upgrade warnings.

It’s So Easy To Use

Do you really want to have to send up a little prayer that your connection will stay up when sitting in front of a prospect for the first time?

Likewise, what could be worse than to be told you’ll have broadband at your prospect’s site, only to find that you will have to stream your beautiful corporate video at 56k, rendering it into a hash of indistinguishable movement and sound?

For immediate convenience of access in a pressure situation, invest in a CD, and your prospects will thank you. (So will your CFO)

It Reduces Replication Costs

Quality printing is expensive, and the more pages you print, the more it costs. CDs, on the other hand, cost the same to replicate no matter how much information they contain, be it 5 or 5,000 pages worth of information. Similar savings can be realized when video content is distributed on CD rather than VHS cassette. An added benefit is that the CD won’t degrade with repeated viewing.

It Provides Easy Access

CDs have the distinct advantage of being subject searchable. A few clicks of the mouse can help you find a particular part number in that 1,200 page parts catalog, or find all the presentations written by a particular author for your technical conference. Plus, your customers can see the video on CD at any desk with a computer, instead of booking the conference room and waiting for the A/V staff to setup the TV.

It Provides Speedy Access

Need to make a copy of that parts catalog for ten new salespeople? Just copy the file off the disc and email it to them instantaneously instead of spending an hour at the copier.

Do you give away an instructional video with your great product? Your CD or DVD will let the user jump directly to the troubleshooting segment and link to technical support on your website before the other guy is done fast-forwarding through that old video tape.

It Drops Your Storage/Distribution Costs

Your info-packed CD costs less to mail than your 500 pg. Medical Imaging Supply Catalog. 500 copies of your i~Video costs less to ship across country than 500 VHS videotapes. You fit a lot more discs in less space in the supply room, too.


It Helps Keep Margins High

Why in the world do we make this claim? Simple.

In the medical imaging business many new customers are drawn away from competitors. A frequent tactic for gaining new customers is to undercut the competitor’s price. This practice leads to downward pricing pressure and the cycle continues when your competitor steals your new customer with even lower pricing.

Branding is a powerful medicine that fights the cycle of commoditizing the sales and
service of medical imaging equipment.

The i~Video is a powerful first step on the road to creating a compelling brand.

We Eliminate Your Risk

MedView gives you an unprecedented performance guarantee. You must be completely satisfied with your custom-made i~Video. But if it doesn't meet your needs, we'll refund your investment in full. No fine print. No crossed fingers.

It’s Cost Effective

Considering the cost/benefit ratio of doing presentations on an ad hoc basis, a properly prepared i~Video can pay for itself the first time you use it. You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. The 21st century version is that a video picture is worth a sale. Please ask yourself:

How much is your image worth?

What’s one new customer worth?

What’s a consistent sales message worth?

How much is a trained sales force worth?

Nationally recognized sales training consultant, Jeffrey Gitomer, is a bit more blunt, but we love his passion. Here’s what he says:

“I hear companies having budget fights about whether they
should have a video sales tool or not. What a joke. A bunch of
non-salespeople trying to dictate the future of the company, and
omitting a vital tool that will carry them to success. It’s like saying
“Let’s buy that big boat over there – but, ah, let’s not get the
engine, it costs too much.” DUH. If a video is not in your budget,
gag (or fire) the bean counters, cut your own pay, or go into debt
for it. It’s that valuable.”

No argument from us, Jeffrey!

It's The Future Wave of Medical Marketing

The i~Video simply tells your story better. It will help take your company to the next level. The medical imaging business uses personal contact, brochures and business cards to attract new customers. It’s time to leverage the power of that personal contact and stop expecting brochures and business cards to perform miracles. The i~Video gives you new opportunities to expand, gain new clients, maintain pricing power, and present a professional and polished image. The i~Video is not just a good idea.

It’s the future of this business.

Included with all i~Video packages:

• The Interactive CD

• Detailed execution plans

• Master Copy plus 10 copies of the i~Video

• Fast process from script to finished product

• Training and on-going consultation on best practices for using the i~Video

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