Can you finish this ad?  Things go better with…

If you didn’t say Coke, you’re most likely under 30. Coca-Cola spent millions of dollars over decades to get that slogan burned into our brains. That’s called image advertising, or branding, and only the Trumps of the world need apply. But you aren't entirely without options either. In fact, some of them are downright spectacular!

For instance, well within your reach might be an evangelistic army of qualified prospects eager to do business with you. Maybe you would like to be seen as the leading expert in your field and gain a pre-emptive advantage over your competition. What about owning a reliable, predictable and measurable system for converting prospects into customers?

Finish this sentence: I _______ cold-calling.

If you thought the word “love” or “like”, then head straight for the nearest de-programming center, because some awful organization has put a virus in your head. If your response was some version of “hate” then there's good news.

You should know that it's no longer necessary to demoralize yourself with hours of cold calling. Let me repeat that. It is no longer necessary to cold call. In fact, in today’s marketing and sales environment, it’s barely even possible to reach anyone who doesn’t want to be reached. It sure isn’t like the 50’s when free-range salesmen, like well-groomed buffaloes, roamed the halls of major corporations, chatting up secretaries and executives about the next big job. Nope, today we know better than to let a salesman past the key-carded double-locked doors and bullet-proof glass in the foyer.

Prospecting is important, but the ways in which we go about it have to change. We really need to let go of the idea that getting in front of more people who don’t want to hear our message is in any way a productive activity.

To make any headway in your niche, you only need to do one thing to stand out from your competition, who, by the way, are perfectly awful at selling and marketing themselves. You simply need to see your business through the eyes of your prospect.

“Tell me something I don’t know” I hear you saying. Fair enough. Take out your marketing brochures, magazine ads, videos, and website. What do they talk about? How great your product or service is? How incredible your people are? How the TRN-975 blows away the competition with it’s almost spooky ability to create high resolution DR images without over-dosing the patient?

Thought so. That’s what everyone does. It’s the traditional me-too marketing that salespeople go out and repeat to prospects who aren’t really interested and, by the way, saw coming a mile away. It’s time to end the madness.

So where do I start?


Gittomer Weekly Column - Edition #654:
'If you can prove your claims, they will buy from you.'